Basic Training

March 1943 to April 1943

 Letter One
Well I finally arrived here at the classification center after 55 hours on the train.

 Letter Two
I'm very sorry that I didn't write to you yesterday, but here's why.

 Letter Three
Yesterday I spent my first Sunday in the Army. It was very enjoyable, mainly because I had nothing to do.

 Letter Four
Well, the old combination of "Dickerson and Buxton" has at last come to an end.

 Letter Five
When it comes to calling home, that is practically an impossibility. You see Dad, no calls are allowed to leave the post here and because of the "women" in San Antonio, us cadets are not allowed to have open posts - only on exceptional cases.

 Letter Six
I was classified as a pilot today and expect to leave for a pre-flight school within the next four weeks.

 Letter Seven
I never realized until today how much out of condition I really am.

 Letter Eight
I'm not permitted to say how many men are located here - however, I can assure you that there are "plenty."

 Letter Nine
At about two o'clock a bunch of student psycho-analysts took us over and practiced with us for two hours.

 Letter Ten
Also, I'm sorry that I haven't written lately, but you'll understand when I tell you. I have been on K.P. the last two days.

 Letter Eleven
My left arm is completely numb, my shoulder really hurts and I just ache all over.

 Letter Twelve
It is against regulations to reveal certain parts of this information. So, keep it under your hat. If not, I might get in trouble.

 Letter Thirteen
So you don't want me to use too much of the army's paper? Don't worry, because if I use too much paper, they won't do nothing but shoot me!

 Letter Fourteen
After I got back from the song fest it was time to start our weekly "G.I." party.

 Letter Fifteen
Ask Dad - he'll tell you what guard duty is like. I'd rather be on K.P. ten days straight rather than have guard duty just once.

 Letter Sixteen
A new bunch of "feathermerchants" (civilians) arrived here today. I didn't realize how funny long hair and some civilian clothes could look.

 Letter Seventeen
I'm sorry that I haven't written much lately, but the business at hand is "very pressing."

 Letter Eighteen
I'll be leaving here the latter part of this week. Where to? I don't have the least idea.

 Letter Nineteen
We have completed most of the red tape required and are now confined to our barracks on shipping orders.