A Journey with Jack

Second Lieutenant John Milton Buxton (Jack), son of Oscar and Gladys Buxton, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 19, 1923. He was declared missing in action over Germany on August 16, 1944. The life he exemplified in the years between was a life filled with many successes and accomplishments.

All the letters he sent to his family during the time he served his country were preserved and are duplicated on this website. From them, the reader will get to know Jack, and will be able to experience a small part of World War II through his eyes.

Additionally, Jack was an accomplished baritone and won numerous state awards for his voice. He first started singing solos in church at 12 years of age. Before he left for San Antonio, Texas, he recorded four songs for his mother. These songs were recorded on 78 rpm glass records and the originals have been preserved and still play! (Glass was used during WW II to preserve much-needed metals for the making of bombs, planes, and other necessities of war.)

Jack Milton Buxton was my Uncle - and these are his words.

75th Anniversary
75 years ago Second Lieutenant Jack Buxton, while piloting the B24 Bomber Saint Louie Woman, was shot down over Magdeburg, Germany on his second mission. 2nd Lt. Buxton grew up on Arnsby Place in Madisonville, a neighborhood of Cincinnati. He graduated from Withrow HS and attended University of Cincinnati to get required courses to join the United States Army Air Forces. 8 of the crew of 9 died, and are buried as a crew in the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks Mo. He was just 22 years old.

Thanks to the efforts of Todd Mayer of Cincinnati, Ohio, many of Jack's Military items are on permanent display in the Tri-State Veterans traveling museum . If you would like to know more about this traveling museum, contact Todd at Coloneltamayer@gmail.com.

CLICK HERE to see just a few photos from Jack's items in the Traveling Military Display.