August 1944 to November 1951

 Letter One
The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret...

 Letter Two
We have as yet received no further word regarding your son...

 Letter Three
He was last seen as his plane went down in the target area after having been damaged by flak.

 Letter Four
With deepest regret I have learned that an official determination has been made of the death of your son.

 Letter Five
The President has requested me to inform you that the Purple Heart has been awarded posthumously to your son.

 Letter Six
My continued sympathy is with you in the great loss you have sustained.

 Letter Seven
The Department of the Army desires that you be given the most recent information concerning your son, the late Second Lieutenant John M. Buxton.

 Letter Eight
Please be advised the remains of the late 2 Lt. John M. Buxton are enroute to the United States.

 Letter Nine
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

 Letter Ten
You are entitled to monthly payments of $24.90 beginning August 16, 1944.

 Letter Eleven
We think you have a boy you can rightly be proud of and our prayer is that he may soon be back home again.

 Letter Twelve
My prayers are with you for that better, happier day.

 Letter Thirteen
God does not place the same valuation upon earthly existence that we do.

 Letter Fourteen
I regard this as a great tribute to Jack, that so many have not forgotten, even though the years have had a way of speeding by.

 Letter Fifteen
So long our hearts have beat with Mrs. Buxton's and Mary Jo's, in the hopes that Jack might some day come home after being, "missing in action" since 1944.