Jack's Music

Jack was an accomplished baritone and won numerous state awards for his voice. He first started singing solos in church at 12 years of age. Before he left for San Antonio, Texas, he recorded four songs for his mother. These songs were recorded on 78 RPM glass records and the originals have been preserved and still play! (Glass was used during WW II to preserve much-needed metals for the making of bombs, planes, and other necessities of war.)

We were very lucky in that Jack's mother kept these records and we have recorded them to CD and they are available to listen to on this website!

The Lord's Prayer

lord from sue veldkamp on Vimeo.


invictus from sue veldkamp on Vimeo.


homing from sue veldkamp on Vimeo.


because from sue veldkamp on Vimeo.