April 1943 to June 1943

 Letter One
I'm in Pre-Flight School now as you most probably know and will be located here for nine weeks.

 Letter Two
You ought to see me now. Our uniform has been changed lately because of the extremely hot weather.

 Letter Three
This is the first chance that I've had to write for a long time.

 Letter Four
It certainly seems that we go through a lot of "red tape" to get behind the controls of a plane.

 Letter Five
But, tomorrow I become an upperclassman! So far my grades have been like this:

 Letter Six
Right now I'm taking 11 words of code per minute, which is the highest in the entire group.

 Letter Seven
Here it is June already - means that I've been in the Army three months - seems more like three weeks.

 Letter Eight
According to schedule, I'll be leaving for Primary School three weeks from today. I'm sort of anxious to see what flying is really like.

 Letter Nine
Several of the fellows in my upper class have written me from primary - they say it's PERFECT! None of them have washed out yet, so it can't be too tough.

 Letter Ten
Well, I certainly have been on the go the last few days. I'll try to tell you all about it.

 Letter Eleven
We had our last Sunday morning parade and personal inspection today.

 Letter Twelve
Just about 5 minutes ago I received my shipping orders - I go to Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

 Letter Thirteen
Well, I'm all set to ship. All my bags are on the train and I'll be on it early tomorrow.