June 1943 to August 1943

 Letter One
This morning we had an orientation lecture and also received our goggles and flying helmets.

 Letter Two
Today is our third full day here and as yet no one in 44A has flown.

 Letter Three
I guess that you realize that I'm practically a "veteran" pilot by now.

 Letter Four
I just wonder whether I can drive any more or not.

 Letter Five
As time passes on here, I grow to like flying more and more.

 Letter Six
I had a date last night with a girl named Mary Jane.

 Letter Seven
So far I'm the only "pupil" of my instructor who has soloed.

 Letter Eight
All boys who wash out as pilots are put in the regular Army - no more navigation for eliminated pilots.

 Letter Nine
After today, I'll have about 34 hours, which is enough time to get a private pilot's license in civilian life.

 Letter Ten
Happy Birthday!

 Letter Eleven
All of us are starting to pack our things for the trip. I guess that we're all eager to get into a B.T. I know that I am, anyway.