July 1944 to August 1944

 Letter One
There just is hardly anything for me to write about now. But I'll be able to say more later on.

 Letter Two
Right now we're "somewhere in Iceland." Isn't that a heck of a place to be?

 Letter Three
Well I guess you know by now that I'm somewhere in England.

 Letter Four
I can't tell whether my mail is going through or not.

 Letter Five
I can say that I've been moved and am now in Ireland. However, I expect to be sent back to England shortly.

 Letter Six
As yet I haven't received any mail since leaving the states.

 Letter Seven
I'm feeling fine - hope and pray that you are in as good of health as I am.

 Letter Eight
Dad, these "Irishers" are just what I had expected them to be!

 Letter Nine
We purchased some canned pork and beans, some sardines and a loaf of Irish bread. Quite a mixture, isn't it?

 Letter Ten
Well kid, this old brother of yours is a long way from home. But he's feeling fine - don't you tell anyone this, but I'm getting fat!

 Letter Eleven
The four officers - we're living together in a nice room. We have our new English radio, which makes the evenings much shorter. So, considering the facts, we're as happy as is possible over here!

 Letter Twelve
Guess this is the first time I couldn't be with you or at least call you up on your birthday.