Years Later was designed by Sue Veldkamp in memory of her Uncle Jack Buxton, a B-24 Liberator Pilot killed in World War II. Her desire to learn more about her late Uncle started as far back as she can remember - with stories shared from her Grandmother (Jack's mother). Jack now has a "namesake" and Sue felt that it was important for "Little Jack" to know who he was named for.

Her desire increased after learning of some "unusual" things that just couldn't be overlooked. Just a few of these were:

 Letter One
November 30, 2001

 Letter Two
December 9, 2001

 Letter Three
February 26, 2002

 Letter Four
May 27, 2002

 Letter Five
May 9, 2004

 Letter Six
January 2, 2005

 Letter Seven
January 21, 2005

 Letter Eight
August 25, 2007

 Letter Nine
December 30, 2011